This may be my LAST post on Ireland - or is it? We shall see. I have so many pictures and memories to share but I am trying to be mindful to not oversaturate people's feeds. You should see my queue - it is full of drafts just ready to go. Maybe I shall up my posting to 2 a day - possibly.
Alright, see you later sweets!

New post the IG! Check it out!
Lip Monthly unboxing is now LIVE on my Main Channel!
I will most likely put these unboxings on my second, vlogging channel and not make it so formal - so worry not!
They will still make an appearance.

Just posted in my WhereintheworldisCamille Instagram! Took it back to Ireland after posting several CA posts in honor of my upcoming visit. Going to go back to CA posts since I made this 2nd IG account way after - so lots of throwbacks to when I still lived in CA.
New video on my MAIN Channel
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This may be my last unboxing on my channel - only because they don't seem to pull the views and if my subscribers aren't interested in it - then I might as well put my effort into other videos. You know?

43 - 48 days out of 365

Top left: 9/14 -- Top middle: 9/15 -- Top right: 9/16
Bottom left: 9/19 -- Middle left: 9/18 -- Bottom right: 9/17
Sept. 14th - It's the first time in a long, long time that I've worn a hoodie and socks - for Washingtonians, we have had a heat wave, seriously. Bring it on FALL/WINTER! I am ready! // Sept. 15th - Another FINALLY-moment - got me an Elephant Ear from the Puyallup Fair (It isn't called that anymore but IDGAF. lol.) // Sept. 16th - FAILURE. // Sept. 17th - Even if it was Football Sunday - I went to visit the parentals and took them to see a couple of local Antique stores, it was fun to look around on a rainy, windy Sunday. &&&&& a plus! The Seahawks beat the Whiners! Yassss! // Sept. 18th - While waiting for Volunteer training to start - I decided to do an  unboxing for my Lip Monthly as well as my Ipsy - Check those out on my MAIN CHANNEL! // Sept. 19th - I've been OBSESSED with Lee's coffee with almond milk - OBSESSED! I watch Catfish while I edit and update all my online activities.

37 - 42 days out of 365

Top left: 9/8 -- Top middle: 9/9 -- Top right: 9/10
Bottom left: 9/12 -- Middle left: 9/11 -- Bottom right: 9/10
Sept. 8th - Aren't these Honest diapers the cutest?! // Sept. 9th - Decided to do something different as far as diaper cakes go - This is the Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake :) So easy to make! // Sept. 10th - FAILURE. // Sept. 11th - FAILURE. // Sept. 12th - Latte art @ Spotted Cow. //  Sept. 13th - FAILURE.

31 - 36 days out of 365

Top left: 9/2 -- Top middle: 9/3 -- Top right: 9/4
Bottom left: 9/7 -- Middle left: 9/6 -- Bottom right: 9/5
Sept. 2nd - For Labor Day, did a mini road trip to Ocean Shores since I have never been before. // Sept. 3rd - Haiif doing what she does best - SLEEPING. // Sept. 4th - The Seattle skyline during an unexpected weekend trip to the city. // Sept. 5th - FAILURE. // Sept. 6th - This girl gives me life & I love holding her paw when she's sleeping - she's an old lady in age but she will forever be my big baby. // Sept. 7th - A Light Jose from Jay Berry's Cafe while having breakkie with the bestie.

25 - 30 days out of 365

Top left: 8/27 -- Top middle: 8/28 -- Top right: 8/29
Bottom left: 9/1 -- Middle left: 8/31 -- Bottom right: 8/30
Aug. 27th - Selfie with the bestie during our OR Roadtrip. // Aug. 28th - This is the Yurt we stayed at during our one night in OR, second Yurt I've stayed at and I will say, I am a BIG FAN! // Aug. 29th - FAILURE. // Aug. 30th - FAILURE. // Aug. 31st - Wearing a modernized Filipino gown for a Cultural Event at Boeing. // Sept. 1st - Haiif living the life and sleeping in the newly washed beddings.

19 - 24 days out of 365

Top left: 8/21 -- Top middle: 8/22 -- Top right: 8/23Bottom left: 8/24 -- Middle left: 8/25 -- Bottom right: 8/26
Aug. 21st - Haiif & I on the roof during the Solar Eclipse. // Aug. 22nd - Depotting my lipsticks - this was a practice run-through to make sure I came up with a process for when I film. // Aug. 23rd - This Cotton Candy Sunset - a combo of two of my faves. // Aug. 24th - Have you ever heard of a VEGAN Tuna Melt? IKR?! This was a first for me at Cafe Zippy. // Aug. 25th - Taking outfit selfies to send to Mell as I am packing for our mini-OR roadtrip. // Aug. 26th - Went to the FAANPS Early Labor Day Picnic, everyone had to wear a nametag - including Haiif-a-life!
I guess I use this blog as a way to set my goals.
When I decide to start on something or embark on a new journey - it's nice to document it.
Looking back at my past blogs, I can't help but think about how much I have changed - with both my posting and how I go about posting.

So I think I am going to put this into overdrive - I will be updating (hopefully on a daily basis) on any of my online activities - whether that be a simple Yelp review, a new Vlog video, a new MAIN CHANNEL video, my daily picture challenge (which I am failing, MISERABLY) --- it'll be put on this blog. 
It will somehow hold me accountable and also doubles as a memory type of thing.
I am so into documenting memories - because at the end of the day, years and years from now, it'll be nice to look back at my "younger years."

Alright, done with the ramblings yo.

Later babes!

Did you know I used to Yelp a lot?

Yeah, I don't Yelp as much but it's whatever. 
Every once in a while - I'll post a review and some pictures here and there. 
Click THIS for my Yelp page.

13-18 days out of 365

Top left: 8/15 -- Top middle: 8/16 -- Top right: 8/17Bottom left: 8/18 -- Middle left: 8/19 -- Bottom right: 8/20
Aug. 15th - Street Tunes is an interactive art project, from start to finish, beginning with the commissioning of artists to decorate each piano. Pianos are placed on the street and anyone can stop and play a tune or just tickle the keys. So happy I got to play on one of these pianos after passing by a few. // Aug. 16th - When all else fails, take a selfie. // Aug. 17th - First time trying out LONGBOARDING & instantly fell in love, I love longboarding & I hope that I can go out a little more before the weather goes crappy. // Aug. 18th - Some homemade Veggie Springrolls, YUMMMMMMM! // Aug. 19th - Went berry-picking @ Larsen's Blueberry Farm with my main babes - Mell & Shades - then we went to Ladywell's Spa afterwards then after had some Vegan Poke @ 45th Poke then last but not least, had some bomb-gelato @ Fainting Goat. // Aug. 20th - Another FAIL day. NEED to stop slacking.

7-12 days out of 365

Top left: 8/9 -- Top middle: 8/10 -- Top right: 8/11
Bottom left: 8/12 -- Middle left: 8/13 -- Bottom right: 8/14
Aug. 9th - JuCaSh Weekly Hikes continue @ Southwest County Park // Aug. 10th - Needed to take a picture but all I was doing was filming and editing all day - so a selfie will do! // Aug. 11th - If you have ever met my Diva of a Dog, Haiifii - you would know that she WOULD NEVER, EVER sleep or even lay on dirt. At one point she didn't even want to sit on the hardwood floor because it was too cold for her butt. I was helping my parents pour cement for my dad's up and coming revamp of Maynila Auto Services and she would just follow me around so of course, she got tired and just K.O.'d in my mom's garden. // Aug. 12th - It was another filming day - so with my ring light on this time, a SELFIE. // Aug. 13th - I can't believe I missed a day already. So annoying. I'm usually better at taking pictures, apparently - I slacked -_- // Aug. 14th - Haiif and I spent the day with Mell & Mu. We visited a dog park in Kent named Morrill Meadows Park. It was fun to take our fur-babes out.
Scored this skirt for 25 cents!
Since thrifting has been the more popular videos on my channel lately - I've been hitting up my two thrift store go-tos on a weekly basis. Bella's Voice in Lynnwood & Helping Hands in Bothell. YES, links are clickable! So click, click away! :) --- Anyways, back to what I was blogging about, should I go more often? Like on a daily basis (like a lot of extreme thrifters do) or every other day. Would that be a bit excessive? I will keep with the weekly visits & see if that is sufficient enough to put out videos. Hauls & Lookbooks combined.

Alright, nice talk you guys.
See you later!
My most recent REVIEW video - these aren't my most popular videos but I still do them because I like being able to give me two cents on what I think of a product - even if there are SOOOOOOO MANY other Influencers on YouTube and the platform is so saturated. If I like doing it, then why not? This video is on the Clarisea Sea Salt Deep Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Face Mask - I received it from either my Lip Monthly or my Ipsy - not quite sure. See what I thought of it!
ENJOY ya'll!

6 days out of 365

Top left: 8/3 -- Top middle: 8/4 -- Top right: 8/5
Bottom left: 8/6 -- Middle left: 8/7 -- Bottom right: 8/8
Aug. 3rd - Madison hit 89,500 miles! Yes, I mark MILEstones for my car. Don't judge me! // Aug. 4th - Cleaning my spare make-up brushes - took me about 2 hours, le sigh. // Aug. 5th - With Larr's at a birthday party // Aug. 6th - Tried to take a picture of Haiif & wasn't successful // Aug. 7th - Hit the driving range for the first time since coming back to WA, looking like CA with all the brown grass // Aug. 8th - The Canadian wildfires are causing the WA air to look hazy and the air quality is crap but the sun and moon have had a red tint & dare I say it? It looks pretty damn beautiful.


Alright, I feel inspired - 365 Challenge Initiated.

Last time - I was on a roll with doing the 365 day challenge aka taking a pic a day.
Looking back on my old posts, I am feeling SUPER inspired.
I know people usually start this challenge during the New Year but F it, my challenge - my rules.
August 3rd, 2017 - August 3rd, 2018.
Made it to Cape Flattery - Northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States
Hola dudes! I guess you can say that I am not an active blogger anymore. I used to be on my game, posting everyday - how times have changed. I still cannot believe it is August already! July went by so fast. Summer is quickly passing us by and before we know it, it will be fall. Le sigh. I have been falling in love with WA all over again - the hikes & the parks - they are a different type of beauty from CA. With CA, there are less people hiking. Here in WA it seems to be more of a trial to find a place to park at staging areas as oppose to the actual hike itself. Being back in WA, for now - I am making full use of my free-time & exploring the places I didn't explore when I lived here last. I will not take my free-time for granted.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer :)
WA is about to experience a heat-wave this upcoming week - stay cool dudes!


Hi guys!
I know I have been MIA FOREVER!
I have been catching up on my editing of videos and posting on my other, yes OTHER IG.
I made WHEREINTHEWORLDISCAMILLE because I have so many pictures from my past adventures that I wanted to share but didn't want to bombard my regular IG with.
I've been on this tangent where I tell mini-stories or flashback to when the picture was taken and reminisce.
Check out my OTHER IG :)
Follow me on my adventures there as my blogging duties have been so poopy lately.